Grain is thrilled to introduce you to our newest and most exciting product yet.  Welcome to cabinetmaker, a place where you can customize cost-effectively. By combining IKEA®’s cabinets and Grain’s custom doors there are now countless ways to make your space your own. Whether you’re starting from scratch or rethinking what you already have, we can help you come up with a design that is beautiful, functional and perfectly tailored to fit your needs, done in a way that you can afford.


Function is an essential part of cabinetry design. Our doors not only work with IKEA® cabinets but also with IKEA® hardware, making the installation process stress free.

IKEA’s  cabinet units and Grain’s custom fronts to give you the look and feel you want.

Better Value

Generally, you can expect to spend 50% or less for IKEA® kitchen cabinets and adding semi-custom fronts than purchasing new semi-custom kitchen cabinets.  Many customers want the high end look of kitchen cabinets but at a lower cost.  That’s where Grain comes in.  After doing your research, you are already sold on buying IKEA® cabinets.  But, now you want to upgrade the cabinets by having custom made fronts installed.

We are Local

Grain is located in East Boston and provides services throughout New England.

Free Estimates - Feel free to contact us for a free estimate. E-mail a plan of your kitchen and a list of the IKEA® boxes or cabinets you intend to purchase.  We will then follow up with a phone call to discuss the scope of the project, your choice of wood materials and provide you with a price range estimate.  Once you are comfortable with the initial price range, we will then prepare a formal estimate within two days.


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