Our shop and showroom are located in Building 35 at Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina in East Boston.

The shipyard has a rich maritime history of a working waterfront from the days when East Boston was world famous for producing the fastest and most substantial clipperships, and it holds true to it's industrious nature to this day.  Today the shipyard is home to bridge fabricators, boat restoration and maintenance, the Boston pilots, a marina, and various other small businesses set within the beautiful, old buildings built by the US Navy in the first half of the 20th century.  

BLDG 35 was built by the US Navy for the 2nd World War.  Our 3200 square foot woodshop is located on the second floor, which was originally used for testing marine electronics.  Years later, Cashman used it for storage during the big dig.  Fast forward 25 years, Brandon moves into the space, and Grain Wood Shop is born.  

With Brandon’s background in yacht restoration and extensive sailing career, it makes perfect sense that Grain Woodshop is pleased to call the Shipyard its home.